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This site is dedicated to bringing you our insight and ideas, the latest from our partnership with TED and compelling client stories that celebrate our new brand and bring to life our purpose: delivering better outcomes.

Delivering better outcomes for our clients, communities and colleagues

The power of better thinking

We are extremely proud of our partnership with TED; a first for Capita and a great opportunity to join a unique ‘Ideas’ community and host a series of powerful talks and immersive workshops. Together, we believe better is always possible and through this partnership new points of view and bold thinking will emerge. We’ll be sharing the outcomes of our conversations with the TED community and our clients right here and we’ll be giving you a chance to get involved and give us your thoughts and ideas too.

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Sparking curiosity: human to hybrid

Many business leaders see the 'human to hybrid' transition as their most important strategic challenge in the next five years. Our people solutions division recently undertook a huge piece of research about the concept of the shift towards a hybrid human - AI workforce. Download the latest paper to find out more.


Delivering impact through better outcomes

Explore how Capita are delivering better outcomes everyday in our interactive city.


Better in action: Saving lives with live streaming

There’s no better example of delivering better outcomes than giving emergency services a clearer view of an accident scene before they arrive, regardless of the location. Our innovative 911eye does exactly that. Read on to find out more.

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